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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bargains Found Today!

Hey Bloggers!

Found some great bargains today/ Our local yarn shop is doing away with it's stitchery section.:(  Boo Hoo!
But everything there was 40% off Woo Hoo! I bought a ton of patterns that I have wanted for a long time. I saved $90.00! I would have saved a lot more had I not decided to go in there today! But....I love all the patterns and now I need to get busy stitching!

I'm off to the beach tomorrow for a weeks vacation! So, I will report back next weekend.

Stay cool!  (I happen to like it HOT!)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Hey Bloggers!

Yesterday was a really fun day! My partner Lisa and I headed down to Hershey for the quilt show. Kinda disappointed. Not a whole lot of new stuff there.Not as many attendees as previous years. Still we managed to spend some money! I bought a pinkeep pattern from Annies Heirllooms, Pattern for 12 different table runners (snowman runner is too cute). Bought 2 yds of Three Stooges fabric! I hate them, but my son loves them and it will make a nice quilt for him..

Left the show and headed down the road to Lancaster. Stopped at AT Imports and picked up some wonderful smelling candles (Crossroads Candles). Went into Keystone Wholesale. Bought a new peg shelf. This place has really nice prim stuff!

Left there and went to CDM Wholesale. Bought some jewelry pieces and some baskets. Left there headed to Morgantown PA to Hayloft fabrics. This is a great store ,but I couldn't find the exact fabric I was looking for. OH! Before we went to Hayloft , we spotted a Wool Shop!! WOO HOO! I did a U-Turn and we hit this place. WOW! Beautiful yarns all over the place! Upstairs was the hooking section |(be still my heart!) Beautiful wools and a whole room of hand dyed wool! We will definitely make a trip back there . I spent a nice chunk of change in about 15 minutes!

Had dinner and then headed home. Boy was I tired! But I really love road trips!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

EHAG Emporium Giveaway

Hey Bloggers!

Just a short note for all of you to get over to EHAG Emporium and sign up for their terrific giveaway. Read the rules and sign up ! You may be a lucky winner! (Although I am hoping that I am the lucky winner! hee hee!)