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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My "Baby's" Birthday!

Hello Bloggers!

I hope you have had a wonderful day! I am still waiting for Spring to arrive! Cold and rainy here today.Oh well, it can't be too much longer till warmer weather can it?

Today is my baby's birthday! He is 20!!! I can't believe it. Where did those 20 years go? He has been such a joy. I tell him all the time that he is my favorite son! (He is an only son!) I must admit, when I found out I was pregnant I was less than thrilled!  I was 42, my hubby left a job of 25 years for a new one. We were in the middle of selling our home, building a new home in a new town and here I am...pregnant!Whew, not only am I oldest child  was 25 and my youngest was 7! We have three daughters and I was convinced that the baby was another girl! I had girls names picked out too. Well, let me tell you, when the doctor said "it's a boy" I was in shock!  Oh, and the kicker... my second daughter that was 22 at the time was also pregnant! So my grandson was born two months after my son! So now we had a son and a grandson!

I have so enjoyed having a son finally! Raising a boy was a whole new experience for my husband and me. We were used to dolls and all the girly stuff. Now we had to shift gears and figure out  what little boys actually are made of! He has turned out to be a fine young man and we are so proud of him.

So Happy Birthday son! Love you!

This is a picture from our trip to New York in November.We take all the kids every much fun!

Well that's enough of my rambling, thanks for letting me share.

Have a terrific week!

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