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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Remember This ?

Hello Friends!

Hey, anyone remember this?

This is one of the last snows we had in February.....YUK! All my co-workers are whinning about the heat and humidity, "NOT ME"! I'll take the heat any day over this snow and cold!I am  a summer lover! I know there are a ton of people who love the snow and cold, so just will get your turn soon enough! Meanwhile  I am enjoying... as our local weather man says "the air you can wear"!lol I'm heading to the beach the end of the month and I truly will be in heaven then.

 I promised some pics of our trip to the Smokies in May so I will share a few now and more later. I think I told you before that we have not been to the Smokies for about 30 years. I was really shocked when we arrived in Gatlinburg at our hotel.What I remembered of Pigeon Forge (the little town before you get into Gatlinburg) was a little two lane road  with lots of junk , I mean souvenir shops  and tourist type things like a black bear that drank Dr. Pepper. Now, the road is under construction and it will be 6 lanes of traffic with a red light every 50 feet! It took forever to get through there and on to Gatlinburg. Once we were settled into our room, we took a walk through town.What a major disappointment! Nothing but T-shirt shops, knife and hookah pipe shops .(they were bongs in my day!)When we were there years ago, they still had tons of souvenir shops, but they also had some unique shops with local handmade items. Indian jewelry and quilts and handmade baskets etc.The one shop that did have "handmade" quilts and gift items ....all "handmade" in CHINA!  Needless to say, I didn't spend any money in Gatlinburg, and I had no desire to stop in Pigeon Forge for anything either!The only thing I bought the whole trip was a Cades Cove t-shirt at the visitor center.

There was a new aquarium  in Gatlinburg. This thing was absolutely wonderful! If you have kids, they would love it! Hubby and I were in there for about 4 hours. We have been to the aquarium in Baltimore, and I tell you this one puts it to shame! It is beautiful, clean and the soothing music they play is fantastic!  It has an amazing people mover that winds around forever through glass tunnels with all the fish swimming aound over your head.I took about a million pictures there, I won't bore you with all of them ...only a couple!

This thing looked like a piece of seaweed. It is actually a creature related to a seahorse. It was from the coast of Australia.I was facinated with the whole display these things were in.

Some Jellyfish. Another very interesting display.. I could go on and on about the aquarium, but you would be bored to tears.Lets just say that it was well worth the admission price. I think it was about $22.00 for each of us.

Well I think I will continue with Cades Cove next time. I took tons of pictures of the cabins and I am in love with that area! I think you may enjoy seeing some really prim cabins.

Try to say cool!


  1. Cool sea creatures! I've always been fascinated by them...the endless varieties and intricate shapes and forms....I, too, could spend hours looking at them; but, alas, my DH, not so much! ;o) And I'm with you on the summer weather! Won't hear me complaining!! I'm sad that the past two days we've barely gotten into the '70's - and tomorrow we'll be lucky to even get to 70....Brrrr...! Have a great day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Those sea creatures are cool - they don't even look like anything real! Snow - i'm not ready for the darn shovel again yet so I won't complain about the heat!