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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've been away too long!

Hello Friends!

I have been a very bad blogger! I haven't posted for a month and a half! I have finally got caught up on reading all the blogs I suscribe to and posted on several. I see I have some new followers! Thank you for following my blog and to all my followers for not unsubscribing for my being such a bad blogger!

Things have been crazy here for the last month. We have had terrible weather here in central PA. Tropical storm Lee rolled through here and left behind horrible flooding! We only had a roof leak, power outage, and no cable. That was nothing compared to some families around here. They have had their homes literally float away. The flooding here was much worse than in 1972 when Agnes hit our area. Here are a couple of pics I got from WNEP 16 website.
This a a view of Knoebles amusement park. There is a huge craft show here every year (Covered Bridge Festival) I think they have things cleaned up enough to have it this year, at least I hope so. I haven't checked to see if it is still on, but it should be next weekend (Oct 7,8,9)It is a fantastic craft show, great crafts and food. My friends Lisa and Phyllis and I did this show for years, but I just can't get enough things made for a 3 day show anymore.

This one blew me away! I travel this road  all the time. It's RT 147  in Northumberland. 
I had a terrible time coming home from work when all this rain started. I normaly travel the back roads home. We live in a rural area and there are creeks and streams everywhere around here. Every road I was on was closed due to flooding. I finally had to backtrack and drive about 15 miles back to the interstate to get home.

We have had more rain this week and more flooding .I feel so sorry for those that have been flooded out. The river is supposed to crest today right at flood level.

 On to some more pleasant news....I "WON" several goodies for commenting on your blogs!The first one was from Olde Country Cupboard. I won one of the Christmas in July giveaways. These gingerbread men are just too cute!

Check out Sandy's blog here I love her blog and she has terrific patterns. They are very easy to make.

Next I won this from a giveaway on

This angel is so fantastic! It's much larger than it appears in the photo. It also smells soooooo good!
It was one of several items donated by the artisans on the  site. This angel was from Old Primitive Peddlers shop. She has an Etsy shop too. You can find her here

Next I won this giveaway
 Can you belive this giveaway! It was from Mary at 
she is way too generous( I'm not giving anything back though! lol) I love her blog too. She is very talented and if you haven't visited her blog, you need to check it out!

Last but not least I just won this the other day! I was in total shock when I read her blog and found that I was one of the winners!
It's a steampunk charm pin from Roni at I love steampunk anything! |I used to own a rubber stamp store and I really love all the mixed media, altered art, and all the artsy fartsy stuff that you can do.Check out her blog. She does way cool stuff. I taught classes on making all these things for years. Sadly, I haven't done anything artsy since I closed my store, but I am really getting in the mood to pull out all my "stuff" and make some of these things again! Roni's blog is very inspiring.

|I think I may have to come up with something for a giveaway here .I am working on things for a craft show in November. After I have that out of the way, I'll have a giveaway ....... Stay tuned!

Hubby and I and two of the girls and the grandbaby went to the beach in August. We had a great time, the weather couldn't have been better if I had special ordered it!Little nuggie learned how to sit up and start to crawl while we were there. He also got his first tooth! Mom-mom got to witness all of those firsts with him. He is such a cutie.

Hubby and I also got away to the beach again a couple of weeks ago.( Just the two of us) I love that place (Rehoboth Beach DE ) It is so nice there in September! I was surprised, everyone there was hummmm.."more mature" lol  , no kids screaming on the boardwalk, no kids crying in the restaurant at the next table, no kids throwing sand all over you on the beach, no college students, no rednecks and you could actually sit on the beach without wall to wall umbrellas around you! It was WONDERFUL! Don;t get me wrong I love being there in August too with all of the above, but this was really a restful week.

I think I have filled you in on the whole month of September, so till next time....
Take care!

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  1. Welcome back Wanda! Good to hear from you again. So sorry to hear of all the flooding in your area - what devastation for so many. But wow - you are on a roll lucky lady!! So many wonderful, wonderful, wins! Love everything - and I'm sure you do as well! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Smiles & October Hugs ~ Robin